Ardmore police apprehended a known sex offender after he was caught living with a child Wednesday.
APD Captain Keith Ingle said officers received a citizen tip that 36-year-old Scottie Lee Noland was living with a child at the 3000 block of W. Broadway around 9 a.m.
Noland was known to have a previous sex offender conviction for a crime against a child under the age of five, Ingle said. Because of this Noland is not legally allowed to live with children that are not his own, he said.
“He was not supposed to be doing that,” Ingle said. “That’s probably why he didn’t register there.”
Ingle said officers were able to confirm that the child had been staying in the home overnight off and on for the past month. The child was not Noland’s biological child and belonged to a woman living at the residence, he said.
The woman and her child were already living at the residence before Noland moved in, Ingle said.  Police are unaware if the woman knew of Noland’s previous charge.
Noland was taken into custody for failure to register as a sex offender and for living with a minor child, Ingle said.
“If you’re living with a child or you just moved to a house where a child is at, but you failed to register, it all falls under that statute,” Ingle said.