A new piece of art stands on the roof of The 7 on Broadway. Owner Tim Longest said local artist Robert Smartt created the piece primarily from reclaimed materials from local renovation projects. In fact, one of the largest source materials came from air conditioner coils inside the former Daube’s Department Store in downtown Ardmore.
“The majority of it is almost 100% reclaimed material,” Longest said. “I think that it’s neat that instead of going to a landfill it’s staying right here in the Depot District to live on for another 60 or 80 years.”
Smartt said he created the 10-foot sculpture in his studio space located on site over the course of about two months. After uncoiling the aluminum from the air conditioner condensers he shaped them into the figure before wrapping it with electric fencing wire.
“We worked on it here,” Smartt said. “They (owners Tim and Julie Longest) were really nice because when I’m working I tend to sprawl things out. Now his only complaint is that he wishes it were 12-feet tall.”
Longest said the entire creative process is representative of the environment he is working to create both at The 7 on Broadway and in the Depot District as a whole.
“We’re trying to develop a creative space — and not just for the people in the offices here,” Longest said. “We encourage all kinds of creativity. We also have a spray paint artist and a florist. We’re working on developing this entire block into an arts district.”
He added that the public reaction to the sculpture has been extremely positive, and they are considering moving it down to ground level to allow people to take pictures standing next to it.
“The reaction from the public has been really warming to our souls because I think people really appreciate repurposing old materials,” Longest said. However for right now he loves it where it is. “When she (the sculpture) was in here, it looked awesome but when you put the sky behind her — she belongs there.”