The Southern Circle Square Dance Club has two top priorities — enjoying the fellowship that comes with getting together doing the dance they love and recruiting new members to keep the tradition alive.
Club President Sharon Groomer said the group first formed 50 years ago, but their group — like many other square dancing groups across the nation — is struggling to find new members.
“It’s dropping off and we can’t get any new people who want to come in,” Groomer said. “We’re always trying to get new people. Younger ones or older ones, I don’t care. If they’re upright it’s fine with me!”
She said the group currently has around 20 members total. Enough to make two squares of eight dancers with a few to spare. While the group meets in Dickson, their members live all over the area.
“Our group stretches all the way from Ringling out to Madill and Kingston and down to Marietta. We have more women than we do men,” Groomer said. “Sometimes I have to be the boy and that’s okay. It’s all about having fun and we’re all having a good time.”
In addition to getting together with their own group, members sometimes travel to visit other square dancing groups and other groups occasionally come visit them.
“We love going to other square dancers’ meetings. Six of us went down to Denton and had a wonderful time,” Groomer said. “Sometimes people will come and drive hundreds of miles to come and be with us.”
The group also likes to go perform, and they were given the opportunity Monday night when they performed for the residents at Elmbrook. They had been in the past iand the residents enjoyed seeing them so much some even asked if they could join in.
“The last time we were here a lady wanted to dance and all she could do was stand up, and that was just fine,” Groomer said. “We all went over and stood with her.”
For anyone wanting to put on their dancing shoes and give square dancing a try, the Southern Circle Square Dance Club meets every Monday evening at 7 p.m. at the Dickson Senior Citizens Center with the exception of the third Monday of the month. They also meet in the same location at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month for a dinner get-together.
“We don’t charge if someone want to come out and learn, and anybody is welcome,” Groomer said.