The students at Ardmore City Schools will start their school year with new buildings, procedures and faculty.
Kim Holland, Ardmore City Schools superintendent, shares the information about improvements made on campus.
“We’ve broken ground at Jefferson Elementary recently. If you’ve been over there, you can see all the ground work that is done,” Holland said. “Right now, they’re waiting on all of the concrete men to come in and start staking out the foundation so they can get started with that part of construction. We’ve made some cost-saving adjustments in order to make the building more efficient and effective for our kids and teachers there. We’re very excited about that, because it will be the first time that there will be a full-blown gym at Jefferson Elementary, so that’s a neat thing for those kids.”
Not only is there going to be a brand new building at Jefferson, but at Ardmore High School as well.
“We will probably break ground on the performing arts center at the end of October,” Holland said. “This will be located just west of Noble Stadium. We spent a little extra time making sure the foundation that we’re putting down was the kind of foundation we needed to have a good solid building for years to come. That’s taken us a little extra time, but in the long run, it will save us money and headaches down the road, so we’re excited about that.”
Ardmore City Schools are also getting some new academic programs.
“We got a new math curriculum coming out for grades K-5. We have two people that came down from the University of Oklahoma training our teachers so they can learn how to teach the kids effectively, so we’re pretty pumped about the possibilities for our kiddos in our elementary schools growing in that area.
ACS is also taking on the responsibility of changing transition policies for the younger kids so that they can feel secure.
“So far, we have made some big changes in just procedural things at Ardmore Middle School, especially to help our sixth graders feel more safe and assured. We’ve discovered that the sixth graders need more guidance and security so there will be a slower transition for them. This school year, we will move them into a different hallway and they will be escorted by their teachers to lunch, so they can ease into middle school better. With that, I believe we will be able to identify problems within our students quicker that way. We have enough room that we don’t have to build a new hallway, we will just move the sixth graders to a different part where they can be away from the older kids.”