You never know when or where it might happen. In the event that an individual finds him or herself in an active shooter situation, Ardmore officials are developing ways to teach the public how to survive. 

Southern Tech Training Developer Kerry Blankenship said around 20 people have already signed up for the organization’s active shooter training class. 

The free course lasts about two hours, beginning at 6 p.m. tonight and will be held at the Southern Tech conference center A. 

“The more people that we can train and prepare, hopefully no one will ever have to deal with that type of event, but if they do, we want them to be able to survive it,” Blankenship said. 

In 2018, the FBI reported 27 total active shooter incidents across the United States. The incidents occurred in 16 states, one of which was Oklahoma, and resulted in nearly 213 casualties. 

The single incident in Oklahoma was reported at Louie’s Lakeside Eatery in Oklahoma City on May 24. 

“Unfortunately, we don’t want to admit it, but every time we turn on the news or a television set, there’s been an active shooter at some public place or some public event or concert or stuff along those lines,” Blankenship said. 

The course curriculum focuses on awareness, Blankenship said. Individuals are taught a response method of “run, hide and fight,” as well as some of the reasons why these situations occur. 

Due to the large amount of interest in the class Blankenship said Southern Tech will most likely offer a few more classes later on. Registration is not necessary for the July 30 class and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.