Ardmore police apprehended an individual Sunday afternoon after he allegedly pulled a gun on a woman. 

APD Sgt. Brice Woolly said officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of SE 1st St. in reference to a domestic disturbance. 

“Someone reported that (the suspect) had broken a glass door and pointed a gun at a female,” Woolly said. “Officers, when they got there, they saw (the suspect) walking from the area and detained him.”

The 19-year-old male suspect from Ardmore and the 18-year-old female had reportedly been arguing over visitation rights to their infant child, Woolly said. “It was verbal and then turned physical,” he said. 

The child’s grandmother told police that she had seen the suspect “put his hands on the female” and the victim reported that the suspect had slapped her, Woolly said. 

Woolly said the suspect allegedly punched through some glass, leaving a large laceration on his forearm, and took out a handgun as he was leaving the residence. 

“The grandmother reported that he pulled out a handgun and put it in the child’s mother’s face because she was kind of following him out the door,” Woolly said. “I think it was pretty heated, too.” 

There were no visible signs of injury to any of the victims, Woolly said. The 19-year-old male is facing complaints for domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor, as well as felony charges for pointing a firearm. 

If you or someone you know experiences domestic violence, The Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma offers services, including counseling and crisis services. The 24 hour Crisis Hotline number is (580) 226-6424.