New businesses are continuing to sprout up at the new Market Street shopping center on 12th Avenue NW, and in the very near future two new fast food restaurants and two new stores will be breaking ground.
Ardmore City Manager J.D. Spohn said Dairy Queen and Schlotzsky’s will soon begin construction on two new locations next to Panda Express.
“They are going to be to the east of Panda Express,” Spohn said. “So if you’re coming up 12th (Avenue) from The Shops at Ardmore, the first one you come to will be Dairy Queen.”
He added, based on a conversation with a representative from Dairy Queen, the restaurant should be open relatively quickly after construction begins.
“As soon as we get the plans from Dairy Queen and they are approved and turned back to her (the representative from Dairy Queen), once they turn the earth, they work fast,” Spohn said. “She said their record for Dairy Queen is 76 days and they’re planning on 90 for ours.”
Spohn said construction will also begin soon on a new FFO Home and a new Burke’s Outlet to go next to Academy. According to their respective company websites, FFO Home will offer discounted prices on quality furniture and home accessories and Burke’s Outlet offers name brand clothing and homeware at discounted prices.
Spohn said Burke’s Outlet was originally slated to go in at Commerce Plaza, located on the corner of North Commerce Street and Grand Avenue, but the company decided to opt for a brand new building instead. However, the Commerce Plaza project is still coming along nicely.
Ardmore city commissioners recently voted to provide a $2.5 million tax incentive to developer Collins Inv. Trust. Spohn said this tax incentive will be paid out in yearly intervals based upon the tax revenue generated by new businesses brought in to the development.
“We already have a base there, so any businesses that are there right now do not count towards the incentive payment,” Spohn said. “But whatever new businesses come in — say Ollie’s because the coming soon sign is up and they are already working on it —  out of the sales tax Ollie’s generates we will apply a calculation to that and each year they (the developers) will get a portion of that until they reach the 2.5 million.”
The city has given tax incentives to the company in the past for other projects like the Market Street Project and for the renovations at The Shops at Ardmore that brought in new retailers such as T.J. Max and Ulta.