More than $1,000 worth of items were allegedly stolen from several individuals at a local workout facility Tuesday.
Ardmore Police Department Sgt. Brice Woolly said four different victims had two iPhone 6s, $150 in cash, a set of car keys, and debit and credit cards stolen from them at the 1200 block of NW Commerce St.
“It’s a workout facility where the suspect was somehow able to get to an area where their private items were kept, like a locker room area,” Woolly said. “We don’t know how he was able to make it back there.”
Woolly said the estimated total worth of items stolen was around $1,250. One of the phones had a tracking app on it and police were able to use information from the victim’s phone company to locate the 32-year-old suspect from Wilson at the 500 block of L St. NW later that day.
“Officers went over to that area and found this gentleman walking,” Woolly said. “After questioning him for a few minuets they were able to find out that he had some of the property that was stolen off the person.”
The suspect was taken into custody for a felony complaint of grand larceny, Woolly said. None of the credit or debit cards were used during that time and all of the items were returned to their owners.