Ardmore police responded to a domestic disturbance in which a woman’s husband allegedly tried to run her off the road Saturday afternoon. 

APD Captain Keith Ingle said officers made contact with the victim at the 2700 bock of 12th Ave NW around 4:07 p.m. “The victim advised that her husband was attempting to run her off the road and following her,” Ingle said. 

After successfully causing the woman to veer from the road, the suspect allegedly jumped out of his vehicle and began beating on the truck, attempting to open the doors, Ingle said. 

However, the woman was able to drive away and reports that the suspect kept following her. 

Officers made contact with the suspect at the 700 block of Em St. NW where he advised that he was trying to return some of their children’s clothes, Ingle said. 

“They had just got done washing. He denied ever trying to run her off the road. He was just trying to catch her to return the kids’ clothes,” Ingle said. 

Ingle said the two individuals, in their 30s, were separated and had kids together. There was no prior history of disturbances between the two, nor any damage to either vehicle. 

The district attorney’s office will be reviewing potential domestic abuse assault and battery complaints.