The Ardmore City Commission authorized the purchase of seven new vehicles for the Ardmore Police Department during a Monday evening meeting — one pickup truck for animal control and six police pursuit Tahoes. The pickup truck will cost $26,425 and the six Tahoes will come to just over $248,000.

Ardmore Chief of Police Ken Grace said the Tahoes will come with the special police equipment installed, something that hasn’t been the case in the past.

“Before we got the cars and ordered all of the equipment separately before we had to have it installed,” Grace said adding this process has become increasingly expensive. “But Carter Chevrolet has a guy that does all that.”

Grace said all the work and parts will be set at state prices and there is no question about getting incorrect parts.

“So when we get the car it’s going to be completely ready other than putting our stickers on it,” Grace said. “By doing it this way we’re saving about $2,800 per car.”

Part of the equipment that will be installed in the Tahoes will be in-car video systems. Robert Newell, director of information technology, explained a bit about the cameras.

“IT has a bunch of stuff that we have to put in the car,” Newell said. These cameras are both inside the vehicle and record the area in front of the vehicle. They are triggered by the lights being turned on, high speeds, or by the officer manually turning them on.

“These are used for training and to keep everybody safe and protected,” Newell said.