After going without officers for over a month and having the City of Lone Grove step in, the Ardmore Police Department’s animal control division will soon be fully staffed again. 

APD Captain Keith Ingle said the department hired a new animal control officer last week. This individual will be replacing an officer who was fired during an investigation into a child abuse case in June. 

The department’s second animal control officer will ideally be returning next week after recovering from a non-work-related injury, Ingle said. “He’s supposed to be back probably next week and then he’ll start training the other guy.”  

Due to an urgent need for assistance, the City of Ardmore entered into an agreement July 15 that temporarily put the City of Lone Grove in charge of animal control until Sept. 15, 2019. 

During that time, Ingle said officers effectively responded to animal control calls several times. “We appreciate them,” he said.

On August 4, officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of Harris in reference to two aggressive dogs, Ingle said. 

“An aggressive dog chased the victim about two blocks,” Ingle said. “She said the same dog bit her a while back, but she didn’t press charges then.”

Officers made contact with the animals’ owners and the dogs were placed in a fenced yard, Ingle said. However, the victim did ask that a complaint be issued for the owner allowing his dogs to run at large. 

The agreement with Lone Grove can be terminated at any time before Sept. 15, however, Ingle said there are a few more procedures the department needs to go through before they can fully take over the animal control division again. 

After the returning officer is medically cleared to come back to work and the new officer is trained, APD will be able to take care of animal control internally.