Children’s socks and underwear can sometimes be an expense that is hard for low-income parents to keep up with as children quickly outgrow them and they get lost in the depths of the dryer.
In 2018, Heroes with Hope of Southern Oklahoma collected over 4,000 pairs of socks and underwear to distribute to local children — and for the third year in a row, the nonprofit organization will be collecting socks and underwear throughout the month of August.
The Heroes with Hope organization distributes all of the socks and underwear they receive from the drive to local schools and low-income areas, said Melissa Woolly, Heroes with Hope executive director.
“We’ve seen that it has been something that has been utilized very well throughout all of the schools — even high school, middle school, grade school,” Woolly said. “We just saw that it was a great need, so we just continued to do it.”
With school starting back in session soon, Woolly said back-to-school shopping can be expensive. Low-income parents sometimes have to make a choice between which items to buy; and socks and underwear can be items that they sometimes skip out on, she said.
“It’s something that parents that maybe can’t afford to buy a large quantity of clothes and things — those are maybe some things that they can maybe not necessarily afford,” Woolly said. “We all know that those are expensive items and they grow out of them so quickly.”
At this time, Woolly said smaller sizes in socks and underwear for children in pre-kindergarten and first and second grade are the most needed items. However, Heroes with Hope will also accept monetary donations towards purchasing the items and other items like children’s shoes.
“We’re just grateful for everything that we get and if we run low and we don’t have enough then we just do our best to go and purchase more and meet the needs,” Woolly said.
Donations of socks and underwear can be sent to 16 E St. #103 Ardmore or individuals can make donations at American National Bank c/o Heroes with Hope Sock Drive.
For more information call Melissa Woolly at 580-319-8571.