The University Center of Southern Oklahoma Board of Trustees will have a new face this upcoming school year.
On Thursday, long-time Ardmore native Keith Nance was sworn in by judge Lee Card as the newest member of the board.
“I got a call from the Governor (Kevin Stitt) asking if I would serve as a trustee,” Nance said. “It would be hard to tell the governor no, so I agreed to do it and I hope I can be an asset of some kind for this board.”
Nance is originally from Ardmore and graduated from Ardmore High School in 1965. After graduation, Nance attended the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.
After graduation, Nance returned to Ardmore to work at the family business called Nance Home Furnishing, a fixture in the city since 1948.
Nance spent 40 years helping his family help Ardmore with their appliances and electronics before becoming a board member.
The phone call to become a board member was a bit of a shock for Nance, as his only affiliation to education was being a student.
“I realized education would be a key to bringing more money into our community,” Nance said. “ As our students here get educated, the ones that can’t afford to go off to big schools, having the ability to get that done here in Ardmore I think is a big asset and that is what I hope to help us move forward.”
The Board of Trustees his made up of people with different
backgrounds that work to make the best decisions for students in the area. Nance believes his background in the retail business will bring a different viewpoint to the board going forward.
With a school year quickly approaching, and the University Center having big plans for the future, Nance wants to continue to help serve the students.
“We know the better we can educate the students, the more we can get college degrees, the more money they are going to make in their lives,” Nance said. “We hope to raise their standard of living.”