On Saturday, August 17, the national Clear the Shelters event will be taking place at animal shelters all across the country.
At most shelters, pet adoption fees will be lowered to $10, in hopes of enticing more pet lovers to adopt local shelter pets.
The Ardmore Animal Shelter is taking the event a step further.
Starting today, people that want to adopt pets can visit the shelter and adopt a pet for $5.
Ardmore Animal Shelter Executive Director Kasey Renteria believes the event is beneficial to all animal shelters and hopes to find the animals in the shelters permanent places to live.
“We are going to start it early hoping to get even more homes,” Renteria said. “So some of those that are waiting to move to available cages will actually be able to be seen come Saturday.”
Currently the Ardmore animal shelter has 188 animals, with comfortable capacity at around 100 and max capacity at around 200.
For people looking to adopt, the  $5 adoption fee includes the initial vaccines, deworming, head to tail vet exam and spaying or
Clearing the shelter would be a great feat for the Ardmore Animal Shelter, but Renteria cautioned potential pet owners into making sure they are 100% ready for the adoption commitment.
“Don’t impulse shop when it comes to adopting a pet,” Renteria said. “It is a lifetime commitment for the life of the pet. This is not temporary. You have to remember you are adopting a family member for life.”
The shelter is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. For more information visit the Ardmore Animal Shelter website and Facebook page for details.
“Me, personally, I would feel like I would accomplish something good, and at least try to get as many a home as possible” Renteria said. “We joke all the time that we would love to be put out of our jobs , meaning we weren’t needed because the shelter wasn’t needed. That is always our goal.”