A local Carter County business owner is facing complaints for two counts of embezzlement and violation of the consumer protection act.
According to two probable cause affidavits signed by the Attorney General for the State of Oklahoma Mike Hunter and filed Aug. 2, 2019, 43-year-old Joshua Kyle Wright “fraudulently appropriated” a large sum of money entrusted to him by two different victims for the purpose of storm damage repair on their residential property.
Wright and his company, Roof Builders LLC, allegedly entered into a contract with both victims and then failed to perform the work while also causing more damage to their homes. An agent was assigned to investigate the criminal felony case in June, 2019 and interviewed the two victims.
One victim stated that he entered into a contract with Wright on October 27, 2018 for the amount of $13,000. However, the victim told the agent that, despite several complaints, Wright and his business never completed the work agreed upon in the contract.
“(The victim) felt like he was being held hostage by Wright and getting taken advantage of,” the affidavit said. The incomplete work reportedly caused water to get into the house and subsequently caused rot between the metal and wood of the residence. Rodents also were able to access the house, according to the victim.
The victim stated that he attempted to call Wright several times and even went by Wright’s place of business but could not locate him. Later, the agent confirmed that Wright had cashed all of the checks given to him during the course of the allegations.
The total estimated amount Wright embezzled from the victim is $14,950.
Another victim told the agent that she had entered into a contract with Wright on June 20, 2018 for the repair of storm damage to her property in Lone Grove. After receiving an insurance check for $9,234, the victim allegedly tried to write a check payable to Roof Builders LLC, as was stated in the contract.
However, the victim reported that Wright refused to accept the Roof Builders check and told the victim that she need to make the check payable in his name only.
The victim said she did as requested, however, eventually all work on the residence was stopped, according to the affidavit. After confronting Wright about the incomplete job, the victim said she was told all work would be stopped until Wright heard back from her insurance claims adjuster.
However, when the insurance claims adjuster arrived at the victim’s residence on Aug. 20, 1018 and re-inspected her roof, the victim said she was told “that the previous damage to her roof now showed suspicious new damage”.
The victim allegedly confronted Wright again on Sep. 10, and said Wright became very angry and began “thrashing his arms around”. According to the affidavit, the victim later learned that Wright and his company had turned in an invoice to the Oklahoma Claims Service stating that all the work was completed.
The total estimated amount Wright embezzled from the victim is $9,234.02. Wright was reportedly arrested on Aug. 2, 2019 and later bonded out of jail on Aug. 8 for the amount of $15,000. A Carter County court docket date is set for Sep. 19, 2019.