While The Clubhouse may be the largest project currently underway for Ardmore Parks and Recreation, they are also gearing up for a new restroom at Southwest Park. Director Teresa Erving updated the Regional Park Authority on progress of both projects during a Monday afternoon meeting.

“Things are really moving along at The Clubhouse,” Ervin said. “Right now it’s a lot of infrastructure work, but things are now starting to go vertical.”

In addition to all the dirt work, the slab for the shop building and the pit building for the go karts has been poured. The most obvious work, however, is taking place on the miniature golf course.

“Cost of Wisconsin (the company building the course) has been here for over a month,” Ervin said. “You can see the gray rock-looking waterfall from the road (into the park). They’ve even poured some of the holes now so you can see the course starting to take shape.”

Ervin said crews will begin working on the challenge course soon.

“There are so many different entities here working, but they can all be working at the same time. Hopefully that can keep us on time,” Ervin said. 

While she said there have been a few setbacks due to weather and delayed materials, everything appears to be going close to schedule. The Clubhouse is set to open in the spring of 2020.

Across town at Southwest Park, a new restroom facility should be installed by the end of the week. All the dirt work and plumbing is in place and the facility itself is being built entirely offsite. Once it’s delivered, it’s only putting it in place and hooking everything up.

“Without any major setbacks, the restroom should be operational by the end of the week,” Ervin said. This will only be the restroom itself, and Ervin said the sidewalk to the restroom and the benches which will sit outside it will be coming at a later date.