By the end of the day Saturday only one pet eligible for adoption remained at Ardmore Animal Care. This was a result of a nation-wide Clear the Shelters event that encouraged shelters to lower their adoption fees to $10 on Saturday. Ardmore Animal Care got a jump on the event by starting on Wednesday and offering $5 adoptions.
Executive Director Kasey Renteria said the extra days and lower cost helped with the event’s success. Since the event began earlier this week, the shelter adopted out 181 animals.
“This year we extended it for more days instead of having just the one because I didn’t want people to have the excuse because they were busy on Saturday,” Renteria said. “Well this year, we did it four days, so nobody had the excuse, and apparently it worked because we’re almost empty.
Renteria said they have averaged about 40 adoptions per day for the past three days and they adopted 53 pets out on Saturday. She added that while the typical number of adoptions varies from day to day they typically average about 10 to 15 adoptions.
“This is the first time we have almost adopted out
everything that was available,” Renteria said. “Last year, I believe we still had around 20 left at the end of the day, and this year is even better.”
While adopting almost all of the animals is an amazing achievement, Renteria stressed that the shelter will never be truly empty.
“I still have several mother cats and kittens that still need to be fostered. So I still have plenty of those available,” Renteria said. “Of course we still do have several dogs that are on stray hold waiting to see if an owner is going to come in and claim them, and animal control has brought in two or three today through the back door as we were doing this.”
 The final pet available was 18-month old Maccita, a mixed breed dog. The shy gal was relinquished by her previous owner on Thursday. She was going to go home with a shelter employee Saturday evening so she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of the weekend alone, but she’ll be back on Monday and looking for someone to give her a forever home.