Carter County citizens who are behind on court fines and costs will have a chance for a fresh start during the District Court’s 2019 amnesty period, beginning next week.
Carter County Court Clerk Renee Bryant said anyone with an active warrant for failure to pay fines and costs may come to the Court Clerk’s office Aug. 26 through Sep. 13 to pay their full balance owed or pay $300 towards their full balance.
After a payment of $300, individuals will be able to sign a new payment agreement and have their payments reset. Once paid in full or payments have been reset, the fines and cost warrant will be recalled.
The District Court makes an effort to provide an amnesty period at least twice a year to help citizens remove their names from warrants. In Carter County, there are hundreds of active warrants, Bryant said.
“We don’t want people to lose their job because they have a fines and costs warrant,” Bryant said. “They get picked up on the weekends and they sit in there two or three days and can’t pay their fines and costs, they have a chance of losing their jobs.”
In addition, the District Court will be offering a grace period for past due fines and costs, Bryant said.  
Individuals who are behind on court fines and costs, but do not yet have an active warrant, may also pay their full balance or a minimum of $300 and sign a new
payment agreement at the Court Clerk’s office to prevent additional fees or warrants being added during this time.
Defendants that are behind on fines and costs were sent a letter to their last known address on file, Bryant said. In the past, several individuals have benefited from having an amnesty period.
“We’ve had several people that have said it really helps,” Bryant said. “Somebody might have a warrant for $2,000 and all they have to pay is $300 to get that warrant off so they don’t have to be scared to drive down the road somewhere and worry if they’re going to get picked up or spend the night in jail for not being able to pay their fines.”
To find out more information, or If you know you are behind on fines and costs and were not sent a letter, contact the Court Clerk’s Office at 580-223-5253.
To find out if you or someone you know has a warrant, you may visit or and search by name or call the County Clerk’s Office.