The Boys and Girls Club of Ardmore will be starting off the new school year with a brand new location. The organization will now be based at 100 Broadlawn, and they plan on remaining at the location until all safety code violations at their Maxwell Street location have been corrected.
When the organization first opened its doors in June, the violations forced them to find a new venue and they ended up holding their summer camp at the Ardmore YMCA. Now that summer is over, Area Director Amy Miller said everyone is busy getting their new space ready for their after-school program which will begin Monday. She said there are no issues standing in their way at Broadlawn.
“The city has already come by and we only had to correct a couple small things,” Miller said. “They’ll be back on Thursday for a final walk through and then we’re ready.”
Miller said the 3,000-square-foot space will accommodate around 65 children and she is excited to get started with this year’s curriculum. In addition to the programs already in place, they will also be introducing new ones.
“We’re going to be implementing an art program this year,” Miller said. “We’ve always done arts and crafts but this will be something more in-depth.”
 She is also looking forward to a new program called Passport to Manhood for boys in their early teens.
“Some of our male staff will be working with the boys to teach them life skills,” Miller said. “Some of these boys may not have a father figure at home, so this can help provide a positive male role model. We’ve never had this program before because we’ve never had the staff available to implement it even though there is a need.”
The after-school program costs $10 per week per child but scholarship opportunities are available based on need. The program will last from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. after school each day and includes a hot dinner every night.
A staff member from near-by Charles Evans Elementary will walk the children half way to the building, and a Boys and Girls Club instructor will guide them the rest of the way. Miller said they are currently making transportation arrangements with other area schools, and some parents will be dropping their children off after school.
Miller said despite the difficulties they’ve had finding a location, the Boys and Girls Club is here to stay.
“We know we need to be here, so we’re going to stay,” Miller said. “We’re sticking with it and we’ll be at this building until the other one is fixed.
Parents interested in getting their children into the program can contact the Boys and Girls Club at or they can apply in person at 100 Broadlawn weekdays between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.