The Marshall County Sheriff’s office responded to a triple homicide early Thursday morning.

Marshall County Sheriff Danny Cryer said officers received a call from an individual who reported that a friend had confided in her and told her that he had shot his wife and two children.

Deputies arrived at the Marshall County residence, located off of Page Rd., and discovered three bodies, Cryer said. “They discovered the bodies of three people, one mother and two teenagers.”

Cryer said the department was quickly able to identify the suspect and began working with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation and Texas Rangers in an attempt to locate the male suspect.

Deputies were able to track the suspect’s location from his cell phone and around 4:45 p.m., located him in Abilene, Texas, where he was taken into custody. “He is being held until he can be expedited back to Marshall County,” Cryer said.

Cryer said the department was able to identify the suspect, however, he refrained from naming the man at this time.

The cooperation between agencies contributed to the department’s ability to quickly locate and apprehend the suspect, Cryer said.

“We appreciate people from both state and out-of-state agencies for their cooperation,” Cryer said. “Without their help we could not have gotten this dangerous person locked up today.”