As Southwest Park continues to grow, its list of amenities continues to expand. Now restrooms can be added to that list. Both restrooms contain diaper changing stations, and the exterior has two drinking fountains.
Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said the building was constructed entirely off site and installed last Wednesday. After hooking up the utilities, everything was ready to go and Ervin is thrilled with the results.
“I think it’s a beautiful building,” Ervin said. The city wanted the facility to have a similar look to the restroom at Central Park, and she believes the new building meets that goal. Prior to construction she sent the construction company a photograph of the Southwest Park sign, and the construction company matched the rock on the building to the rock in the photo.
Ervin said she has already received emails from citizens commenting on how nice the new building looks, and she added there is more to come.
“We haven’t got the concrete poured for the porch around the building, and we still need to connect it to the sidewalk,” Ervin said. Once these steps are completed the city will begin working on the landscaping and will come in with topsoil and seed for new grass.
“This project was definitely needed,” Ervin said. “The park is highly used, and by next spring everything should be really pretty.”
After the entire project is completed, Ervin said she plans to look at the remaining funds and order some new playground equipment.
“Last year we’d talked about getting some new playground equipment, but I hated to commit to anything until I saw the final cost (of the restroom project),” Ervin said. “So once everything’s done we’ll see what we have left and then add some new things to the park.
One large source of funding for the restroom came from a grant from the Westheimer Foundation.
“We are so blessed to have received a grant from the Westheimer Foundation for $50,000,” Ervin said. “It made a world of difference, and we’re so grateful.”
The bathroom will only be open from dawn to dusk.