Ardmore firefighters are taking to busy intersections this weekend to help extinguish muscular dystrophy and diseases of the nervous system.
Fire Marshall Tim Lee, who has worked for the Ardmore Fire Department for 30 years now, said firefighters across the United States have been raising millions of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) for as long as he can remember — a campaign that is nearly 65 years in the making.
“They were doing it well before I got here. It’s one we’re pretty passionate about,” Lee said. “There’s no cure for it and we want to do everything we can do to help to work towards finding the cure for this.”
From Thursday, Aug. 29 to Monday, Sep. 2, Lee said firefighters will be positioned at the major intersections of Commerce Street and Broadway Street and Commerce Street and 12th Avenue for four hours a day during rush hour traffic.
The firefighters will have large boots that they will be filling up with monetary donations — 100 percent of which will go towards MDA to fund research for new treatments and medical and community services.
The cause is particularly important to the Ardmore firefighters because one of their own was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy a couple years ago, Lee said. The condition causes progressive weakness and loss of skeletal and heart muscles, sometimes leading to life threatening complications.
Last year, Lee said the department was able to raise around $10,000 for the cause over Labor Day weekend. Nationally, firefighters brought in $20 million for the foundation in 2018. “We appreciate everyone’s contributions so much for this cause,” Lee said.