Located throughout the Goddard Center in Ardmore, a new exhibit takes center stage.
Usually an exhibit on display hangs around for weeks, giving citizens a chance to visit the center and see the artwork up close, but this time is different.
Starting today and running until 12:30 p.m. on Saturday a LEGO art display will take over the center for seven-year-old Mikey Hardin’s birthday party.
“Since I had never done it before, I wanted to try it out,” Mikey Hardin said. “Now I like it.”
Mikey Hardin developed his passion for building LEGO sets at the age of three. His father Dr. Frank Hardin bought Mikey Hardin his first set while the family was traveling abroad, hoping to give the young child something to keep him busy.
From there a passion grew.
“He can sit all day and do them,” Dr. Frank Hardin said. “It just depends on how big it is but he will usually build it in a day if it is a couple thousand pieces.”
One of Mikey Hardin’s first LEGO sets was the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars when he was almost four years old. From there, Mikey Hardin has built hundreds of sets, ranging from small cars to the HogWarts Castle from Harry Potter. Mikey Hardin’s favorite piece was Voltron from the 80s cartoon series.
Dr. Maria Monteros, Mickey Hardin’s mother, wanted to do something special for her son’s seventh birthday.
After talking to Assistant Director and Curator of the Goddard Center Cory Blankenship, Dr. Monteros decided that hosting her sons LEGO sculptures would be a fun way to celebrate.
“We had been here with my son and he had seen the shows, and he said, ’Oh I want to have a show,’” Dr. Monteros said. “So I asked him what’s his talents, what do you do? He said, ‘Oh I’ll build LEGO”s.’”
Blankenship, an avid LEGO builder himself, jumped at the idea to host an art gallery of LEGO’s at the Goddard Center.
“It feels great, it feels like I am going back in time and helping a younger version of myself,” Blankenship said. “It is not very altruistic, it is very gratifying to me.”
The exhibit is open to the public Friday and Saturday while Mikey and his friends continue with the party festivities. During the party, food will be provided as well as a scavenger hunt where the kids will find little figs hidden inside of the LEGO’s.
Mikey has other passions as well, including playing the piano, creating code for video games and participating in Ninja Warrior training. When Mikey is older he wants to be a chef and cook gourmet meals for people.
For now, his passion is building LEGOs one piece at time.
“Proud that he could just start the project and finish it,” Dr. Frank Hardin said. “His ability to focus is incredible and not get too distracted.”