The newest members of the Ardmore Clean Team will often march to the beat of its own drum. Literally.
Ardmore High School band director Chauvin Aaron first discussed teaming up with Ardmore Clean Team at the end of the last school year, a plan that finally came to fruition this summer.
“I think this is a very worthwhile project,” Aaron said. “It is important for our students to keep our town clean and that they have a responsibility to help our community.”
The band students cleared trash near the Ardmore city pool following band practice on Monday. After, the students meet with Ardmore Clean Team founder Margaret Ward and others to weigh and count the trash collected.
Once the total reaches $250, the Ardmore Clean Team writes a check to the students to help with band fundraisers.
“Rather than them doing a carwash where they are helping one individual, and it rains on the car the next day,”  Ward said, “they are actually helping clean up their community.”
The Clean Team provides the students with trash bags and other tools to help with the pick up. In addition to cleaning the city, students receive community service hours as well.
Ward hopes the program will continue to grow into outlying communities. Ward said some of the areas which need the most clean up are on backwoods, country roads.
With a little help from the band, Ward hopes teaching the students about cleaning up and taking pride in their communities will branch out to the other area youth.
“There is a huge litter problem, not just in Ardmore but around the world,” Ward said. “The adults aren’t the future, the kids are the future. This helps their group, it helps the community. The way I look at it, it is more their town than it is my town.”