After nearly three months of searching for his whereabouts, the Carter County Sheriff’s Department has apprehended the suspect involved in a June kidnapping case.
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said deputies received a tip about 33-year-old Danny Ray Gordon’s location Wednesday, Sept. 4.
“We had information that he was back in Ardmore,” Bryant said. “We were looking for him and got news that he was close by.”
Officers were able to arrest Gordon at the Carter County courthouse, Bryant said. However, officers are unsure why he was at the courthouse. “He didn’t make it to court,” Bryant said. “I’m not sure what his intentions were but we were able to apprehend him.”
The search for Gordon began mid June after he reportedly took a 4-month-old child from its mother and threatened to run her over with his vehicle.
The child was found unharmed in Tahlequah on June 13 after an intensive investigation conducted by Carter County Sheriff’s deputies Joel Ramirez, Jared Trotts and David Duggan; with help from the FBI, U.S. Marshals and the Muskogee, Tahlequah and Ardmore Police Departments.
“It was a very long process. I want to say thank you to all the agencies that were involved, state, federal and local agencies that helped us,” Bryant said. “Even the agencies that were in different parts of the state were able to help us. This just shows you how a group effort working together can apprehend somebody.”
The infant was evaluated by the Department of Human Services and later returned to its mother. Gordon is facing charges for kidnapping.
“It’s a very unfortunate situation, but we’re glad he is in custody and facing charges,” Bryant said.