Two Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers extended a helping hand to an Ardmore woman after one of her tires blew out Friday night. 

Ardmore Middle School assistant principle Jelana Aaron was on her way to dinner when one of her tires blew out and left her stranded in the busy intersection of 12th Ave NW and N Rockford Road. 

Aaron’s mother, Bernice Mosely, said her daughter was awaiting help from her father when officers Hayden Darst and Austin Ludwyck arrived. “We got this,” Mosely said they told her daughter.  

One of the officers pulled out their own car jack and changed Aaron’s tire, Mosely said. 

Both Mosely and her daughter expressed their gratitude towards the officers. Even little acts of service like changing a tire demonstrate how law enforcement is able to protect and serve the community, Mosely said. 

“You hear so many negative things, there’s so much ugliness in the world towards our officers,” Mosely said. “I just wanted the world to know.”