This Thursday and Friday, residents of Southern Oklahoma will get two opportunities to see Dr. Lew Sterrett, The Horse Whisperer, courtesy of The Ardmore Salvation Army. Dr. Sterrett will be holding two unique horse taming and training demonstrations, one in Ardmore and one in Marietta.
Sterrett said these two shows will use the horses to demonstrate the promise and joy of life that comes when people have their priorities and values right. Thursday evening the show will take place in Arena II at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum and will utilize two horses, one tamed and the other untamed. By the end of the evening both will be tamed.
“We’ll be using a horse that’s never been saddled or ridden, so the audience will get to see their first rider,” Sterrett said. “In the process they’re going to watch the conversation that’s taking place between an authority (the older horse) and this new horse.”
Sterrett said throughout the demonstration the younger horse will be “asking questions” of the elder.
“What’s your purpose in life? Why do you listen to that guy and why do you put him first? So you will watch this horse test the other one,” Sterrett said. “And, of course, because it’s a fundraiser for The Salvation Army we’ll be relating all of this back to how relationships are built and how faith and values are passed from one generation to another and how every relationship is built on truth and trust.”
Sterrett said that he will be riding the tamed horse in without a bridle to further illustrate his point.
“You’ll see the opportunity for one horse to do good when he has every opportunity to do wrong. But instead he chooses to serve his master and serve the younger,” Sterrett said. “And you get to watch the young horse go from totally self-centered to really confident and at rest carrying a rider for the first time — but in the process you’ll get to see some wild reactions.”
Sterrett said Friday night’s presentation will be a bit different to suit a smaller venue.
“This will be about boundaries, brokenness and blessings and how you watch a horse benefit from the need for secure protective boundaries  — but also how to yield, serve and humble themselves to listen,” Sterrett said. “We’ll have four or five horses that night. We’ll close with a miniature horse and another horse who walks on its hind legs and waves goodbye to demonstrate the power that comes out of a life that’s fully harnessed.”
Both demonstrations are totally free and open to the public, however donations to The Salvation Army will be accepted at the door. Dr. Lew Sterrett will be at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Arena II on Thursday, Sept. 12. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and the program will begin at 6:30 p.m. He will then be at the Love County Fairgrounds Barn in Marietta on Friday, Sept. 13. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and the program will begin at 6:30 p.m.