For the second time in as many years, the residents of Canoe Brook Ardmore Assisted Living have entered their artwork in the Carter County Free Fair and have come home with the blue ribbon. Last year’s winning entry was a hand beaded wall hanging, and this year’s project was a map of Oklahoma created entirely of hand painted individual corks.
Activities Director Donna Dodd said arts and crafts like these are good therapy for the residents’ hands. She came up with the project idea after they received the corks as a donation.
Verma Logan was one of the ladies who worked on this project and she described how it all came together.
“Donna had us start painting the tops (of the corks),” Logan said. “Then she had us glue them on the board. Some of them got tired putting it on the board, so a few of us finished it out.”
Dodd said she was surprised by how quickly the entire piece came together.
“They did this way too fast! This was supposed to be an activity that lasted a month, and once they got started they wouldn’t stop,” Dodd said. “So they had it all done from start to finish in about four days.”
Dodd said the residents typically work on around one project a month, and once their projects are completed they like to show off their artistic prowess.
“All of our artwork is now going to be displayed in the dining room,” Dodd said. “It’s going to be our own little art gallery so when we have family nights and the families come to dinner with us once a month, they all get to view all of our art.”
Dodd said everyone is already excited about entering new projects into the fair next year, and they are hoping to go for a third blue ribbon. They are currently working on a paper quilling piece that involves gluing small strips of paper in various colors rolled into a spiral onto a canvas. All the individual spirals will then come together to make one larger design.