A Texas man is facing charges for three counts of burglary in the second degree after allegedly breaking and entering into a residence, church and senior citizens center in Healdton.
According to Carter County court documents filed Sept. 12 and signed by District Attorney Craig Ladd, 35-year-old Michael Brandon Minter of Burkburnett, Texas allegedly broke into all three locations on Aug. 13, 2019 with the intent to steal goods or property.
Healdton Police Department Officer Edgar Stevenson was dispatched to the residence, located off of 3rd St. in Healdton, around midnight on Aug. 13, according to an affidavit Stevenson authored.
The owner of the residence reportedly told Stevenson that multiple windows had been broken out of the residence and multiple items, including a box fan, picture frames, a TV, a PS4 game console and controllers, had been destroyed or stolen.
According to the affidavit, the owner suggested to Stevenson that Minter might have been responsible. “He was staying with me and I kicked him out because he kept getting drunk and destroying stuff,” the owner said.
Later that morning, around 8:42 a.m., officers responded to a separate call concerning a burglary at the Healdton Senior Citizens Center. According to the affidavit, officers met with an individual at the senior citizens center who advised that someone had broken in overnight.
Multiple items had reportedly been moved and cash had been taken from the main room. A large amount of broken glass and blood was also found covering the kitchen floor.
Around 9:52 a.m., a female at the Christ Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church advised officers that someone had broken into the church. A guitar belonging to the owner of the residence on 3rd St. was located behind an air conditioner at the church and blood droplets were observed near a broken window, according to the affidavit.
Minter was brought in to the Healdton Police Department for questioning multiple times Aug. 13 and denied committing any crime. During questioning, officers observed a large, bloody laceration on Minter’s hand, which he allegedly told officers he had sustained from a nail.
An officer from the department collected blood evidence from bloody napkins, glass fragments and pieces of blinds at the church, as well as a DNA swab from Minter. The evidence was then submitted to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations for DNA testing, according to the affidavit.
Based on the results, the affidavit states that Minter could be placed at all three locations with the intent to steal goods or property. Minter is potentially facing up to 21 years of imprisonment.