Ardmore Police are investigating a large-scale fraud scheme after apprehending one individual believed to be connected to the matter.
Ardmore Police Department Capt. Keith Ingle said the investigation began after officers arrived at the 1100 block of N. Commerce on Sept. 12 in reference to a fraud report.
Myron McElroy, 30, of Fort Worth, Texas, was allegedly at a business attempting to pick up a few items that had been purchased with a stolen credit card. “The reporting party had already acknowledged that he was not the person he was claiming to be,” Ingle said.
Officers made contact with McElroy and requested his ID, Ingle said. “He identified as someone totally different than who he told the clerk he was.”
McElroy was then detained and brought to the police department for questioning and a search warrant on his vehicle was requested, Ingle said.
While searching the vehicle, officers discovered that it was registered in someone else’s name, Ingle said. Three fake Texas IDs, miscellaneous paper work and several cell phones, amounting to over $2,000, were also retrieved from McElroy’s vehicle.
Upon further investigation, officers discovered that McElroy and possibly others were using other people’s IDs to manufacture fake credit cards and order cell phones, among other things.  
“We just got this guy but you know there’s multiple people, it’s never just one person with this stuff. It’s always 10 or 12,” Ingle said. “This guy is probably just the lowest man on the totem pole. He’s not the brains of the outfit by no means or he wouldn’t be the one going to pick up the stuff.”
According to Carter County court documents filed Sept. 16, McElroy is being charged with two counts of unlawful use or display of a license or identification card, one count of felony value false pretense/bogus check/con game, and possession of a stolen vehicle.