The 26th Annual Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Show will be returning later this week and activities are scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More than just an empty field full of tractors, this event strives to help bring the past to life with a series of demonstrations and hands-on interaction.
Jayne Pender and her husband Rick have been a part of the show for more than 20 years and she described the event as “good family entertainment.”
“On Friday we invite the schools out to bring the kids,” Pender said. “All of the demonstrations will be running, so the kids will go from one demonstration to the next.”
While some of the demonstrations will be a person describing how a particular piece of machinery works, most will be up and running and many will be interactive. Jayne and her husband will be running one of those demonstrations.
“We have a corn sheller where the kids can get an ear of corn then put it in the sheller that will take the corn off the cob,” Pender said. “Then we put it into a gristmill and turn the corn into cornmeal.”
Other hands-on activities include an antique water pump, rope making, a two-person handsaw and much more.
On Saturday all of the demonstrations will continue and be joined by arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, a swap meet, and the tractor games which will take place Saturday evening. The tractor games are a series of events including a kiddie tractor pull.
Sunday will be the final day of the show, and two major events will be taking place, a nondenominational gospel singing ceremony taking place at the chapel on the MCATIA Show Grounds at around 9 a.m. followed by a tractor pull.
The Murray County Antique Tractor & Implement Show will be taking place at the MCATIA Show Grounds located on Tractor Road seven miles north of Sulphur on Highway 177. A sign will be visible telling patrons where to turn. Gates will open every morning at 7 a.m. Admission is free for guests under 16 and those over 60 and $3 per person for those in between.