The Ardmore City Schools Board of Education on Tuesday extended insurance coverage to include students traveling to school-related functions non sanctioned by the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association.
T.J. Riley is a risk advisor with The Bramlett Agency and said he was asked by ACS superintendent Kim Holland to review an additional insurance policy offered by the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association. He advised board members during Tuesday’s meeting that between 30 and 40 schools across Oklahoma end up purchasing the additional coverage.
“Unfortunately with Oklahoma having the second-highest uninsured rate, we have a lot of our students without health insurance,” Riley said. “This provides a safety net.”
Existing insurance coverage offered to the OSSAA covers students during OSSAA-sanctioned events, but not necessarily during travel to or from those events. Coverage during other non-sanctioned events, like field trips, is also not included in the existing policy.
“I feel like our largest exposure that we have for our students every day is when we load them into a vehicle,” Riley said. “I feel like the extension of coverage to non-sanctioned events is something important to consider.”
Riley said the additional coverage includes a $25,000 deductible, but also provides an additional $500,000 of coverage for students during travel to and from a school-related event. He said a similar policy underwritten by his agency would include a premium between $10,000 and $12,000.
“While we don’t feel like this policy is perfect, I think for the $4,015 investment to expand that coverage to non-sanctioned events is something you should seriously take under consideration,” Riley told the board.
The approval of this supplemental coverage will provide some additional insurance for students, but board members may not be finished exploring coverage options.
“We’re at least on the right track, but we do need to continue the search for additional protection,” Riley said.
In other business on Tuesday, the board:
    •    accepted a $35,000 donation from an anonymous donor for the school’s band program and Take Two Academy hoop house;
    •    approved $3,900 expense for a five-year promotion project sponsored by the Carter County Board of Commissioners;
    •    approved employment for three certified staff members, four non-certified support staff members, and resignations from two employees;
    •    approved additions to the Substitute Personnel Rosters for the current school year;
    •    approved changes to 2019-2020 Negotiated Agreement with Ardmore Education Association;
    •    approved lease agreement with Washington Theater for December ACS Band Concert;
    •    approved contract with Municipal Accounting Systems;
    •    approved renewal of Ardmore Tiger Quarterback Club and Travelin’ Tigers;
    •    approved an estimate of needs for 2019-2020;
    •    approved the financial statement for FY 2019.