Lakeview Golf Course will soon be receiving 52 new golf carts. Ardmore city commissioners voted to approve the purchase for the sum of $144,965.80.

Teresa Ervin, director of Ardmore Parks and Recreation, said the new carts will be manufactured by the same company as their current fleet.

“The current fleet at Lakeview Golf Course has been manufactured by Club Car Golf Carts,” Ervin said. “In fact they’ve done it the last two times we’ve got the new carts.”

Ervin said the last time the course purchased new carts was in 2013, and though there have been no mechanical issues other than general maintenance, they have lasted for about as long as they possibly can while still retaining their trade-in value. In fact, a trade-in value of just under $120,000 is included in the current purchase price.

“We’ve budgeted $150,000, and I’m hoping to get some covers with that additional amount,” Ervin said. “It just makes more sense to get those somewhere else other than as a part of this package.

She said the course will be keeping 13 of the best carts currently in their fleet to maintain the fleet at 65 carts. The new carts should arrive in just over a month barring any unforeseen delays.