The Ardmore Police Department is seeking the identity of a man believed to be involved in multiple fraud incidents.
APD Det. Matt Miller said the suspect allegedly completed three charges with a stolen credit card within city limits, amounting to a total over $500. The suspect was captured on video surveillance footage during one of the incidents, however, police are still unsure of the man’s identity.
“Most of the time when we’re throwing it up on Facebook it’s our last effort, we’re trying to make sure we’re crossing all of our T’s and dotting our I’s— but not always,” Miller said. “In this case, that’s what we’re doing.”
Many past attempts to gather information from the community online have been successful, Miller said. Any potential information is helpful and individuals are encouraged to contact Det. Miller at 580-221-2569.
“If they’re local, we have a much higher success rate posting things to Facebook because people will call and they’ll tell us, ‘That’s such and such’,” Miller said. “Sometimes we get multiple different names, but through the names, we’re able to weed it out and actually find the suspect.”