The residents of Canoe Brook Assisted Living are always busy working on arts and crafts projects. So when they heard about Create Ardmore’s upcoming scarecrow contest they knew they wanted to take part in the competition.  The winning scarecrow will come with a $500 grand prize, and Activities Director Donna Dodd said they know exactly what to do with the prize money if their scarecrow is selected — give it to a family in need.

“About two weeks ago one of our nurses was in a terrible car wreck while she was coming into work, and right now she’s in critical condition in Dallas,” Dodd said. “So our goal is to win and give the money to her family.”

Dodd said the group working on building the scarecrow has dubbed itself Canoe Brook Artistic Angels, and they have been working diligently to bring their creation to life. Once completed, their scarecrow will be a fun-loving — if somewhat eccentric — female senior citizen.

“We have one resident who was a seamstress, and she has actually made a full body of muslin,” Dodd said. “We’ve totally dressed her and decorated all her clothing. Her outfit is purple and we’ve cut out all these flowers and put them all over her skirt and top. They’ve also hand sewn a design onto her top, and we’ve spray painted her shoes lime green and are putting polka dots on them.”

In addition to the flamboyant outfit, Dodd said they’ve included several other elements that show the scarecrow’s personality. These include knee high stockings rolled down a few inches, a purse and a suitcase.

“She’s going to be sitting on a bench, so she’ll have a suitcase next to her like she’s waiting on a train,” Dodd said. “In her purse she’s got a bingo card and dominoes sticking out the top, and she has a hanky stuck up her sleeve. She’s everything you’d want your grandma to be!”

Dodd said even if they do not win the prize money, everyone involved has had a wonderful time building their scarecrow. They are also busy getting ready for a garage sale this weekend where all money taken in will go to the employee and her family. The garage sale will be at Canoe Brook Assisted Living at 2215 4th Ave. NW at 8 a.m. this Friday and Saturday.