Three Ardmore residents are facing complaints for child neglect after officers reportedly discovered unsafe and unsanitary conditions within their home early Tuesday morning.
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said the sheriff’s department received a call from a child welfare worker alerting them to the conditions at the residence, located near A Street NW, during the early morning hours of Oct. 1.
Upon arrival, officers allegedly discovered animal feces, garbage and ‘filthy’ clothing scattered throughout the residence. In addition, officers observed an infestation of rats and mice and inadequate bedding for the children, ages one and three, living in the home.
“It was just nasty. Nasty atmosphere,
nasty conditions for those kids. Those kids don’t deserve to be living in that. Period,” Bryant said.
George Henry Hodge, Jr., 56, Samantha Lucille Vaughn, 32, and Billy Dwayne Vaughn, 29, had all been living at the Ardmore residence for “quite some time,” Bryant said.
According to Carter County court documents filed Oct. 1 and signed by District Attorney Craig Ladd, all three individuals are accused of allegedly “mutually and conjointly” committing the crime of child neglect.
Child neglect is punishable by imprisonment in the custody of the Department of Corrections not exceeding life imprisonment or by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year or by a fine of no less than $500 and no more than $5,000, or both a fine and imprisonment.
Bryant said anyone who observes unsafe and unsanitary conditions within a home or any other signs of child neglect is encouraged to reach out to the sheriff’s department at 580-223-6014. “I appreciate anybody— if you see something, say something,” he said.