After months of digging, pouring foundations and getting everything ready to build, there are now some seriously eye-catching developments taking place as part of The Clubhouse’s construction.
Several of the elements of the challenge course are already in place — and there is still more to come.
Among the elements now clearly visible are a balancing-log, a tight-rope walk with rings to steady yourself, and another tight-rope with dangling ropes instead of the rings.
Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin was out of town last week for a conference, and she said she was amazed to see all of the progress that had taken place during her absence. She provided an explanation about how these different elements will function.
“Everybody is going to have a harness on at all times,” Ervin said. “When you’re walking on those ropes you’ll just be using the rings to stabilize yourself. But if there’s somebody who wants to be a Ninja Warrior — which very few of us are — that’s when you can ignore the rope and use the rings by themselves to get across. Then if you look across the way you’ll be walking on the log and you’ll be knocking the big red balls out of the way or bracing yourself on them as you get across.”
Ervin said there are still some other elements still to come to the challenge course.
“We’re going to add some swing sets onto it to go with our park, and will be putting some panels up that we’re going to be designing ourselves to give it some more color,” Ervin said. “There will also be some smaller zip lines on the challenge course, but nothing like the bigger ones that go across the pond.”
Those bigger zip lines are also now in place. The zip line will share a tower with the challenge course, but is going to be a separate activity.
“You’ll walk out over a little bridge to a platform, and there you’ll decide if you want to take the lower or the medium-height zip line,” Ervin said. “From there it’s a three-tier zip line, and you’ll go from tower one down to tower two, from tower two to tower three, and from tower three over the water back to tower one.”
The Clubhouse along with all of its individual elements is scheduled to open next spring.