Cooler fall weather is moving into the area this morning and will likely not rise above 70 degrees any time within the next week. If cooler temperatures put you in the mood for soups and stews, you’re in luck because this Monday three local nonprofits will be hosting the second annual Soup-er United Way Fundraiser.

Laura Estes Akers, executive director of the Grace Center of Southern Oklahoma, said the Grace Center will be teaming up with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and Cities in Schools to host the fundraiser, and all proceeds raised will be given to United Way of South Central Oklahoma. A wide variety of soups, stews and chilis will be available for guests to select from.

“Employees from different United Way agencies will all make the soups, and when you arrive you’ll see a table lined with crockpots and volunteers behind them,” Akers said. “So each individual that comes through the door and makes a $6 donation to the United Way is invited to taste all the soups or as many as they think they can handle!”

Guests will then be able to vote for their favorite soup and get a bowl full of the soup of their choice. Soups will be set bed with bread, crackers, a drink and dessert. Whomever prepared the soup with the most votes will also receive a prize for being named the favorite.

Akers said she will be bringing a baked potato soup to Monday’s event, but she is unsure what other United Way agencies planned on serving. She suspects the options will likely be similar to last year.

“Thinking back to 2018, we had a tomato basil soup, several different varieties of chicken noodle, a Thai-style curry soup, and a couple of southwest-style chicken fajita soups,” Akers said. “A lot of people get pretty culinary and very creative so we end up with a wide variety and almost everything you can think of.”

Akers said there will to-go soup containers for people eating on the run or taking lunch back to their office mates, and she encouraged everyone to attend the event.

“This is a great opportunity for folks to come out and interact with United Way Agencies, enjoy some delicious soups, and support a campaign that ultimately gives back to 37 nonprofit organizations covering a five-county area in Southern Oklahoma,” Akers said. “We hope to have a big crowd show up to enjoy some great soups and support the United Way.”

The Soup-er United Way Fundraiser will be at First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, October 28. Tickets are $6 and will be available at the door or in advance at Legal Aid, The Grace Center, or Cities in Schools. All proceeds will go directly to the United Way of South Central Oklahoma.