The Naomi House is a home just like any other, with a living room, bedrooms and closets. However, the main community closet was getting a little too crowed for its size, stuffed with donations of clothes, shoes, hats and jewelry.

“It was a mess. The hangers and stuff were all broken. For one little bitty closet it just gets too small. We get so many donations, we probably get like three donations a week in clothes and shoes,” said Naomi House resident Tina Chapman.

Chapman said she began her residency at the Naomi House in August and has since been heavily involved with the daily operations and charity work of the faith-based recovery house. She and Executive Director Cheryl Robinson were thrilled when OG&E called, asking to help out.

“OG&E called Cheryl and said, ‘We want to donate to help Naomi House’. They came in with Lowe’s and several other local businesses came in and donated their time and they’ve already finished it,” Chapman said. “She was so excited telling people-- we’re both excited about it, it’s so awesome.”

Within two hours, laborers from OG&E completely remodeled the closet to better hold the large capacity of donations received with materials donated by Lowe’s. Additionally, members of Quality Electric installed new light fixtures in the closet.

Although it’s only a tiny part of the house, the closet makes a large difference in the lives of the women in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction or from other life-controlling issues, Chapman said. Many of the women at the Naomi House come in with nothing — no personal possessions and few clothes other than those on their back.

Not having to worry about affording clothing items or having a fresh pair of pants or shoes lifts some of the burden off of residents; and donations of jewelry, hats, purses and coats return some normalcy and flair to their lives. Nicer clothes also give the women something to wear when they go to church, Chapman said.

“We just want the girls to be happy because they’re here for recovery and the best thing to do is to have stuff for them so that they won’t be needing anything,” Chapman said. “We are trying our best to recover and it’s easier to recover without having to worry about everything.”

With the closet fully remodeled now, the donations can be easily sorted and made available on the new shelves and racks. The larger amount of space also makes room for the Naomi House to move its refrigerator from the garage into the house.

“We are so, so happy and it’s so generous that they did this for us,” Chapman said. “From the bottom of our hearts, we could never be happier. So we say thank you to all who help.”