Two Dallas residents are facing multiple Carter County complaints of identity theft following their arrest in Ardmore Tuesday.

Ardmore Police Department Capt. Keith Ingle said officers were dispatched to a business located in the 1200 block of 12th Ave. NW around 2 p.m. Tuesday in reference to reports of a suspicious person attempting to purchase phones.

Upon arrival, officers came into contact with two males, 28-year-old Jess Deandra Callum and 30-year-old Deonta Rodriquez McGee. Callum and McGee were allegedly found to be in possession of multiple fake IDs.

Ingle said the identification cards had Callum and McGee’s photos on them, but contained other individuals’ information.

“They were attempting to buy cell phones and pay for them with a little bit of money down with the promise that they would make payments,” Ingle said. “And they never intended to make the payments because that’s not who they really are.”

Police took Callum and McGee into custody and attempted to question them, Ingle said. “One subject asked for an attorney and didn’t want to talk to us. The other subject talked to us a little bit and told us what his involvement was,” he said.

A third female subject was allegedly located in the vehicle Callum and McGee had arrived at the business in. However, the female subject was later released and did not appear to have any involvement in the incident, Ingle said.

“She was just riding along with them and didn’t know what they were doing,” Ingle said. “She was just sitting out in the car, she didn’t have any false identification cards or anything. She was just an acquaintance of one of them and was asked to ride along with them.”

Ardmore is believed to have been one of many locations where the subjects allegedly attempted to commit fraud, Ingle said.

“It’s possibly part of something bigger,” Ingle said. “It could lead to other arrests later down the road, they were doing this all over, they weren’t just doing it in Ardmore. They just got caught in Ardmore, why they pick Ardmore, I’ll never know.”

According to Carter County court documents filed Oct. 31, Callum and McGee are both facing multiple district felony charges for identity theft. The two subjects are currently being held at the Carter County Jail. Callum’s bond is set at $10,000 and McGee’s bond is set at $15,000.