Six area residents are facing felony complaints of conspiracy following an alleged plan to defraud the Marshall County Jail.

Kyla Barnes, 33, of Mannsville and Judy Lindsey, 63, of Madill are accused of having devised a plan to smuggle in contraband for multiple Marshall County inmates on two separate occasions, according to Marshall County court documents filed Nov. 6.

On or around Sept. 13, the two individuals allegedly communicated with 25-year-old inmate Cameron Lindsey through text, talk or video chat and utilized 33-year-old inmate Darius Seals’ pin information to have tobacco concealed in a bottle of body wash delivered to the jail in 39-year-old inmate Buddy Moody’s name.

Later, on or around Oct. 20, Kyla Barnes and Judy Lindsey allegedly devised a second plan wherein methamphetamine concealed inside a toothpaste container was allegedly delivered to the jail in the name of 35-year-old inmate Grady Widener.

The court documents state that the contraband items were allegedly intended to be provided to inmates Grady Widener, Cameron Lindsey and Buddy Moody.

Those allegedly involved in the conspiracy could face anywhere from four years to life imprisonment if convicted.