The Carter County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident wherein a woman was reportedly robbed at gunpoint by an individual believed to have been impersonating a police officer.

Sheriff Chris Bryant said the woman was allegedly pulled over by a black SUV with tinted windows around noon on Wed., Nov. 6. off of Provence Road and Sam Noble Parkway.

“The individual was pulled over and robbed at gun point,” Bryant said. The woman’s purse was taken, with an unknown amount or value of items inside.

The identity of the suspect and the make and model of the SUV is unknown at this time, Bryant said. “We’re actively looking at video footage, trying to narrow down the search. There are a lot of black SUVs with dark tinted windows.”

Earlier in Sept., Garvin County deputies received multiple reports of an individual making traffic stops and impersonating an officer. “I’m not sure if it’s related or not, but it could possibly be,” Bryant said, regarding the two incidents.

A patrol vehicle should be marked with reflective decals clearly identifying the vehicle as a police vehicle. Car numbers, a police shield and police department identifiers will typically be located on the sides and hood of the car.

“We’re encouraging folks, if they are attempting to be pulled over by a black SUV that is unmarked — the key thing is that it is unmarked— make sure that they call 911 and get that addressed immediately to see if we can get it confirmed,” Bryant said.

Anyone who notices anything unusual is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement or the Carter County Sheriff’s Office at 580-223-6014.