A 17-year-old Madill High School student was treated for injuries after being struck by a vehicle early Friday morning.

Madill Police Department public information officer Donny Raley said the 17 year old was walking down the side of the road around 7:15 a.m. on U.S. Highway 70, near the Smiley Road intersection, and for an unknown reason stepped out into traffic, where he was struck by a car.

"The driver was on scene and rendered aid until emergency responders got there," Raley said. "What we could see from the scene was that he definitely had a broken leg."

Any further, internal injuries are unknown at this time. The 17 year old was air lifted to a trauma center in Plano, Texas where physicians are more thoroughly examining his condition, Raley said.

The driver was not inured. The incident is still under investigation and more information will be released in the upcoming days.