A large grass fire swept across 120 acres of land in the Overbrook area Thursday afternoon.

The first spark ignited around 1 p.m. from an individual welding pipe on a fence, said Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Department Chief Charles Campbell. By the time firefighters arrived on scene, the fire had already spread nearly 10 acres across the farm land at the corner of Marsden Road and Campbell Road.

“It was blazing through a brush pile, about knee high grass, and some of the fences got into brush and some hay bails caught on fire,” Campbell said, after returning from the scene around 3 p.m.

The Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Department called on seven other volunteer fire departments in the area for help putting the fire out due to the 10 to 15 mph winds, Campbell said.

“The wind was a major part of it. We would get it in control and then it would fly back up and it would take off across the fields again towards the houses,” Campbell said. “It was just hard to keep out.”

The wind began blowing the fire north towards some large barns full of hay, a few residences and a pasture with several horses out. However, Campbell said the firefighters managed to keep the fire from spreading to those areas and no one was injured.

Grass fires are common around this time of year due to the dryness of the grass and can be easily sparked by cigarettes or the act of welding, Campbell said. Individuals should remember to practice caution when using flammable objects in order to avoid fires that can spread across open land very quickly.

“Just be careful when there’s people out there smoking or welding or whatever, they just need to be watching,” Campbell said.