By Robby Short


Dickson Public Schools were put on lock down before classes got underway Monday due to an anonymous threat made via social media.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said law enforcement officers responded to the school after reports of an anonymous threat made through a fake account on the social media app Snapchat.

Bryant said law enforcement officials from the Carter County Sheriff's Department, Dickson Police Department, Dickson Volunteer Fire Department, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Lighthorse Police Department were working with school officials to take every necessary precaution.

Bryant said Dickson students were evacuated from campus, advising parents, students and community members from circulating the area via social media.

“We are taking every precaution, we take every threat seriously,” Bryant said. “You can't take anything for granted and you have to view everything as being possibly accurate and we can't take things like this lightly.”

Bryant said no other schools were included in the reported threat.

Bryant said they were waiting for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol's bomb squad to clear the campus before allowing students to return.