A different type of holiday tree has taken root in a southwest Ardmore neighborhood. Located on the corner of McLish Ave. and I St. SW, the “Thankful tree” invites everyone to attach a small message to the tree that states why they are thankful this year.

Property owner Tracie Mordy said this is the third year her family has set up the tree. She got the idea after reading an article in The Oklahoman about a group of friends who created a similar tree in the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City, and she decided to bring it to Ardmore.

Currently about a dozen messages are attached to the tree. They range from the adorable — “swings” written in a child’s hand — to the poignant — “I’m thankful for the time I had to spend with my Dad before he passed.”

Mordy said the messages always reflect a wide range of reasons to be thankful, and several have stood out over the years.

“The one that really stands out to us was posted the first year,” Mordy said. “Someone put a note on there that said they were very thankful for their organ donor. Things like that really make you think ‘wow, that is so heartwarming’ and to be grateful for everything that you have in your own life.”

Mordy said the Thankful tree has become a family tradition, and it always includes their own messages of thanks. They also enjoy seeing the number of messages grow.

“We see people all the time that pull up in their car and stop to look at the tree,” Mordy said. “We just let them do their thing.”

Mordy said everyone is welcome to stop by and post a message of thanks. A container near the tree holds pens, paper and nails, and a hammer sits close by. The messages will stay up until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

“The more the merrier! We just love seeing the tree full of Thanksgiving messages,” Mordy said. “It’s a really simple concept, but I think it’s perfect for this time of year.”