The Community Children’s Shelter and Family Services Center, Inc., is now accepting wish list items for youth clients currently being served by the shelter.

The shelter is asking that items be delivered by Friday in order to have the gifts wrapped and distributed by Dec. 10, during the shelter’s Christmas party.

The wish lists include items of clothing and reading material as well as “wishes” which include more clothing and other comfort items like stuffed animals, self-care items, makeup, jewelry, puzzles, games and toys.

“We actually have about 25-30 total, but the seven were all that were left,” Terrah White, administrative assistant for the shelter, said. “Most of the big items should be taken care of, but some of the generic items always do well and are always needed.”

For a full list of items requested, or to sponsor a remaining child, contact the shelter at 580-226-1838 for more details.

White said other items like makeup, blankets, body wash, socks and underwear, art supplies and teen literature were also welcome and could be used for new referrals over the holiday or even into next year.

“Most of the girls love the eyeshadow kits, and hoodies are always a good thing, usually large or extra large,” White said. “Last year we had quite a bit of turnover around this time, so it’s always helpful to have that stuff on hand, you never really know when you need it.”

White added that gift cards were also a versatile option that allowed staff and clients last minute options.

Items and donations can be dropped off at Patriot Auto Ardmore, 540 N Rockford Rd, or at The Ardmoreite at 117 West Broadway to be delivered to the shelter.