The Lone Grove Public Schools Board of Education has lost its most senior member. Steven McIntyre officially resigned his board position after 13 years in that position. “The kids are gone, and it’s time for someone new,” he said, speaking of his children that recently graduated from the school system.

McIntyre first joined the board in 2006 and said he is most proud of hiring current superintendent Meri Jayne Miller. “Our school loves her, they trust her,” he said. “She’s going to just take us places I think we haven’t been.”

The board voted to accept McIntyre’s resignation on Monday evening. Before the meeting, fellow board members and other school faculty had a reception for McIntyre in the lobby of Lone Grove High School. Immediately after the meeting was adjourned, he was hugged and given well wishes from other board members and school principals.

McIntyre said he does not plan to pursue any other public service in the future.

School board vice president Steven Pierce said McIntyre will be hard to replace. “Steve’s been an extremely valuable part of the success of the Lone Grove school district,” Pierce said.

McIntyre will remain in the Lone Grove community after stepping down from the board. “I think that Lone Grove schools has an administration, teachers, and support staff that are great,” McIntyre said.

“Every one of these teachers that comes here, their main focus is to see that kids get the education they need, and this school does that,” he said. “That’s what I’m proud of.”

The Lone Grove Public Schools Board of Education has 60 days to appoint a replacement to complete the two years that remain on McIntyre’s term.

In other business, the board:

• recognized December students of the month;

• approved policy for Saturday school to address chronic absenteeism;

• approved encumbrances, warrants, receipts, and checks;

• accepted reports on remediation and drop-out rates;

• approved a contract with Tri-County Interlocal Cooperative for $5,000;

• appointed Meri Jayne Miller to the Tri-County Interlocal Board of Directors;

• approved an agreement with Complete Drug and Alcohol testing for bus drivers and students;

• declared a softball pitching machine as surplus property.