Some of the best choral voices in Oklahoma will be filling the Goddard Center this evening. Choirs from Ardmore Middle School and Ardmore High School will hold their choral concert tonight and include more than two dozen singers selected for all-district or all-state choirs.

“We have 6th graders all the way through seniors singing,” said Ardmore City Schools choir director Roxie Woods. Tonight’s choir performances begin at 6:30 p.m. and are free to the public.

Woods said 24 students were selected for the All-District Choir, which includes vocalists from all across southeast Oklahoma. “All together...there’s about 300 students auditioning,” Woods said, but only about half are selected for the choir. The all-district choir held a performance at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant last month.

Two vocalists earned spots on the prestigious All-State Choir, and a third student was selected as an alternate. “I just got a call about an hour ago saying that my alternate had been called up, so now we have three members that will be participating,” Woods said on Wednesday afternoon.

Seniors Nick Martinez, Cassie Andel, and junior Alyssa Dery auditioned with thousands of other high school vocalists across Oklahoma and will perform with the All-State Choir at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center on Jan. 18, 2020.