The Ardmore Main Street Authority Board of Trustees voted to approve the sale of the vacant lot once set to be the Pocket Park on Main Street. After plans for the park collapsed along with the JC Yeats Furniture and Appliance building that was once next door, Noble Energy deeded the property over to AMSA. During their Thursday afternoon meeting the board voted to sell the land for $26,000.

The buyer, Jeff St. Clair, also owns the former Jim Tees building and is currently working on plans for both pieces of property. Plans for the lot include a new business structure along with additional parking in the rear.

Chair Todd Yeager said the lot will require some work before any new construction can take place. The previous owner removed all pavement and asphalt that was once there, and this has led to the lot collecting excess water. The sale now allows AMSA to avoid paying to correct the problem.

Yeager said selling the property could be a major gain to the city’s economy.

“The way I see it, our purpose is not to be property owners downtown and sit on land that could be opened up for development,” Yeager said. “If we can create more commerce in town, that’s going to help everyone.”

After the vote, general manager Jeff DiMiceli said he was thrilled to see the continued interest in the development of downtown Ardmore.

“I see this as another indication of continued interest in opening businesses downtown. Just this week I’ve had two more potential businesses owners approach me about coming to the Depot District, and that interest is only growing,” DiMiceli said. “It’s so exciting to see everything that’s been happening. In the past two months we’ve had all of this interest from our legislators coming in to visit, not to mention The Today Show coming to town. It’s amazing to see.”